How to change E-Step value on Prusa i3 using the G-code

The E-step value is set using a G-code file that you can easily create using the Notepad. This files is used to set the new E-step value on the printer. 

Default Prusa MK3/S E-Step value: 280

Prusa MK3/S E-Step value with 0.9 degree stepper motor: 560

Prusa MK3/S E-Step value with 1.8 degree stepper motor and Bondtech Extruder: 830

Prusa MK3/S E-Step value with 0.9 degree stepper motor and Bondtech Extruder: 1660

  1. Create G-code file using Notepad
    E is variable value and it has to correspond to your stepper motor step angle and stepper motor driver
  2. Save as .gcode file
  3. Copy the file to the SD-card and put it in the printer, select to print the file and the new e-step value will be set and saved to the controller

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