What tools do I need?

A spatula. The BuildTak spatula works really well because you can get it flat to the buildplate because of the angle the handle is at, and it doesn’t have a really thick blade.

A bed adhesive. Like I’ve said previously, find what works best for you and stick with it.
Flush cutters. These are immensely helpful for removing support material and makes a nice, clean cut when trimming filament before loading.
A brass brush. Soft enough to not mar your nozzle when it gets a nice and thick coating of burnt filament.
Calipers. Absolutely necessary when trying to model parts that have to fit in specific places, or when you just need an idea of how big a model actually is.
Hex Key Set. When you need to open up your printer or assemble multi-part models, then you’ll need a variety of hex wrenches. You can get them super cheap, but ball ended wrenches are super nice if you can find them.

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