ULTISTIK Powder Coated Sheet Installation

ULTISTIK Sheets are made out of magnetic material and they have to be used together with magnetic base or magnetic heated bed.
For printers that already have a magnetic base or magnetic heated bed:
  • Remove your previously existing metal build surface by lifting it off 
  • Clean ULTISTIK sheet with Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Place your new ULTISTIK sheet on top, making sure that back corners line up with the rear of the build plate
    • For Prusa MK2.5 / MK3 (S models and cloned versions) line up the 2 notches in the back of the sheet with the 2 bolts sticking up on the back of the heated bed. Do not use the 2 holes in the front of the ULTISTIK sheet to line up against the bolts
  • Make sure that the plate sits even no top of the bed and that the ULTISTIK name is in the front right hand corner of print area
  • Follow First Layer Calibration Instructions

For printers with no magnetic base or magnetic heated bed:

  • Do not use ULTISTIK sheet without a magnetic base or magnetic heated bed. Order ULTISTIK Magnet and then follow the ULTISTIK Magnet Installation Instructions

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