ULTISTIK Magnet Installation

ULTISTIK Installation for printers with magnetic base

Remove your existing flex plate (build surface) by lifting it off 

  1. Place your new ULTISTIK sheet on top and make sure all corners are lined up with magnetic base
  2. For Prusa MK2.5 / MK3 (S models and cloned versions) line up the 2 notches in the back of the sheet with the 2 bolts sticking up on the back of the MK52 bed. Do not use the 2 holes in the front of the ULTISTIK sheet to line up against the bolts
  3. Make sure the flex plate sits even on magnetic base

Once completed please continue to the calibration section.

ULTISTIK Magnet Installation

For printers with glass, ultra-base, or some other existing base fixed to the print bed like metal or aluminum bed without magnetic feature, it is necessary to install the ULTISTK Magnet:

  1. Make sure the top of the print surface is clean and free of any oils, residue, or debris. We suggest cleaning the bed with at least 90% isopropyl alcohol or higher. Let it dry
  2. Visually line up magnetic sheet to the back of the build area to line it up
  3. Peel about 2 inches from the back of the magnetic sheet and line it up to the back of the bed
  4. Reach under and slowing peel back on the film and slowing press down on the magnetic sheet while being careful not to bend the sheet so much that a crease is formed in the sheet. You could use a squeegee to press the sheet firmly on the bed, but normally it is not needed
  5. Make sure there are no pockets of air while applying the magnetic sheet
  6. Once the sheet is applied, press down evenly across the magnetic sheet to make sure it is attached to the plate

Once it is attached, wipe down the magnetic sheet with isopropyl alcohol. Take your ULTISTIK sheet and attach it over the magnetic sheet. Please continue to the calibration section.

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